Initial Site Audit & Evaluation

In order to target where we can maximise & improve the cost effectiveness of your water management system controls, we need to identify key areas within the application processes on site.

Our initial site audit is designed to provide you with the information that you need as a reference point for comparison with existing site conditions versus any future improvements in water management processes.

The Cost Control site audit includes the following components;

  • Concise identification of the systems currently treated (Steam, Heating, Cooling, Chilled, Domestics etc).
  • Record each system operating parameters & system treatment controls in place.
  • Document each system with a concise photo based survey document for future reference.
  • Identify the applications of each process & potential downstream effects on clients operation including energy consumption.
  • Evaluate the current treatment regime, its performance, ongoing & historical associated issues.
  • Evaluate current water treatment supplier performance & analysis of service reports.
  • Identify areas for potential improvement in the treatment programmes application performance.
  • Identify & illustrate potential cost effective improvements where applicable.

The site audit once prepared is issued to the client in PDF & bound printed format.

The site audit is a confidential document between the client & Cost Control Environmental however it is the clients prerogative whether the client decides to disclose to a third party.

Cost Control Environmental will not disclose any audit details to third parties without the clients express permission.

Once digested, we will arrange an appointment to discuss any client questions on recommendations or observations as required.