Bid & Tender Process Management

When you are responsible for the smooth running of your operation, water treatment applications are another consideration that impacts on your time, distracting you from other areas that may need your undivided attention.
At Cost Control Environmental we have the experience & expertise to guide you through the retendering of fully compliant water treatment requirements on site, meaning that you remain in control, ensuring that you achieve the best performance at the best possible cost for your company, or for your client.


Dosing & Control Equipment

One very important consideration & often forgotten, you can re­tender your water treatment requirement at any point during an existing contract; this is the norm within the water treatment marketplace.
In our experience, water treatment suppliers will never hold you to a service & supply contract, unless you have capital purchases tied up within the water treatment service contract. Anything between a 1 to 5 year contract, in reality, is a rolling contract.

By re­tendering your business, you re­focus your existing supplier & more than likely achieve concessions, such as financial savings or additional services at zero cost.
We can help achieve this & make it a reality today.


We can speak to all suppliers on equal terms, both technically & commercially, giving you the advantage & helping to ensure that you get the best supply arrangement and peace of mind. This may well be your “rejuvenated” existing supplier or a new, well placed supplier who will ensure a seamless transition in the implementation of your water management services.

The Process – Tender Management Services
Invite several water treatment suppliers to tender for your requirements, based on their track record, reputation, technical capability, locality to you & quality of their field staff (determined by CV evaluation). Evaluation of all bids from a technical & commercial standpoint. Advise client on features & benefits of each bid & our recommendations in a written report. Review meeting with selected supplier (incumbent or new) to initiate new contract agreement. Performance monitoring reviews available any time as required.

Key Points to Consider:
Cost Control Environmental can & will take away any mystique associated with water management on your site.
We will deal with you at all times with integrity, transparency & professionalism.