Water Recycling Opportunities

Water is an increasingly expensive commodity.

“Total Water Management” is the process by which we quantify the volumes of water used on site, its function & treated quality required for each application.

By understanding how water works on your site, we can identify the most cost effective re-use strategies with realistic return on any investment.

Often we find no cost solutions to minimise water over use, thus controlling input & subsequent effluent charges.

The areas we focus on are as follows;

  • Maximising efficiency & performance of the water used on site.
  • Potential re­use of process waters for other onsite applications.
  • Realistic treatment strategies for recycling water, such a filtration & chemical or biological conditioning.
  • Effluent minimisation through process control strategies & COD­BOD reduction through post process conditioning applications. Trace toxic contamination can be removed to reduce overall effluent charges accordingly with relatively simple & proven water treatment techniques.
  • Possible abstraction sources available, for example bore hole, surface & collected rain water.

Key Points:

  • Cost control will ensure that your water costs will be kept to the absolute minimum & identify areas where costs can be reduced with no impact on your operation.
  • We will negotiate with your water supplier to ensure that your tariff charges are fair & consistent with the industry standards in your area.
  • We can invite tender for & project manage any water recycling capital investments projects; using our industry insider knowledge, we will ensure you get the best, most sustainable solution to your cost control strategy.
  • Water savings mean energy savings, so when energy reduction is on the agenda, water management is a good place to start your overall cost reduction programme.