Chemical Reduction Strategies

The use of water treatment chemicals always carries an inherent health & safety risk for operatives on site. The water treatment chemical treatment programmes in place on your site, are formulated by water treatment suppliers, but due to the nature of the marketplace, it is often the case that the historical treatment programme can be refined to minimise chemical usage & handling on site.

A fresh pair of experienced eyes will quickly establish where current technological developments within the industry can be introduced to eliminate unnecessary use & handling of hazardous liquid or powdered materials on site.
Our experience applications chemists will identify how well your current treatment programme is performing in a concise written report & we will make our recommendations on how you can control the use & cost of water treatment chemicals on site.

The areas we focus on are as follows;

  • What is the treatment objective of each chemical used for each water treatmentprogramme on site?
  • How is dosing achieved, automatic, manual or a combination?
  • What volumes & what frequencies are currently prescribed by the site or water treatment supplier?
  • Are the dosage rates currently used correct?
  • Are you dosing more frequently than required to achieve your treatment objective, thus increasing handling & cost ?
  • Could automated improvements minimise handling & control excessive use of chemicals?
  • Solid water treatment chemicals are lighter, smaller volume & less hazardous than traditional liquids; can they be utilised on site?
  • Physical filtration & conditioning equipment can eliminate the need for treatment chemicals altogether; can they be utilised on site?

Key Points:

  • We are experienced & professional water treatment applications chemists & engineers.
  • We guarantee that we will understand your requirements.
  • We will identify where & when the use of chemicals on site can be reduced or eliminated altogether with alternative treatment strategies that do not compromise your operation but enhance performance and deliver peace of mind.