Chlorine Dioxide Water Treatment

Chlorine Dioxide Water Treatment – Uses & Applications that could benefit your operation.

What is Chlorine Dioxide ? The CL02 Molecule

Chlorine dioxide (chemical formula CL02) is a man made, manufactured compound.

It is a neutral chlorine based compound; it is 10 times more soluble than elemental chlorine in water & does not hydrolyse (react with water) hence exists as a dissolved gas in water, a key to its effectiveness at microbial control in a wide variety of applications, including Legionella & Virus elimination.

Why is CL02 such an effective biocidal agent ?

Due to its potency, CL02 has a rapid kill capability at low dose rates (0.1 – 0.5ppm).

Unlike conventional oxidising biocides such as Chlorine & Bromine, CL02 is effective across a pH range of 4-10, so is suitable for many more applications than its long established predecessors.

Since CL02 is a dissolved gas, it does not form ionic compounds & is small enough to penetrate BIOFILMS, the birthplace of bacteria in water handling systems;  CL02 is particularly effective at controlling troublesome bacteria such as Pseudomonas & Legionella Species, which are commonly found in water systems with elevated temperatures, such as hot & cold water distribution systems, spa pools, closed hot & chilled water systems & cooling towers.

CL02 is selective in its oxidation potential, meaning that it will destroy bacteria & virus species without forming by-products from reaction with other water borne contaminants.

In simple analogy terms, it is a selective hammer to crack a nut, not a sledgehammer which produces consequences downstream (that is, unwanted chemical reactions).

What are the additional benefits when using CL02 ?

CL02 does not produce halogenated disinfection by products, commonly referred to as “DBP’s, which are known health hazards associated with potable water disinfection & also considered as environmental pollutants. Amongst the most common DBP’s to be avoided are Tri Halo Methane’s (THM’s) which are a known carcinogen. Thus CL02 is ideal for the treatment of potable water from a variety of sources, such as bore holes, surface abstraction & recycled water.

As mentioned CL02’s selective oxidation activity means that it does not react with Ammonia based compounds to form Chloramines which impart a taste & odour to the treated water. For this reason, CL02 is the preferred weapon of choice in the food & beverage industry in the sanitization of water contained within finished products.

How is CL02 applied on site ?

CL02 can be instantly manufactured on site, safely & efficiently using a variety of different technologies.


(Basic Sodium Chlorite & Hydrochloric Acid precursor chemical kit)

It can be manufactured using 2 or 3 precursor chemicals & can even be applied using solid chemicals (Tablets & powders). The method of delivery depends on the application, for example dosing a domestic water tank could involve proportionally dosing the precursor chemicals in to the tank or feed pipework via a manifold mixing chamber or by blending the precursor chemicals in a reaction chamber & then feeding the concentrated CL02 liquid into the water body to be treated.


(Monocoque CL02 machine with associated pre-filter)

Automatic Solid Chemical Feeders are now also available in the market place.


(Tablet & Powder preparations of Chlorine Dioxide)

Which method of application is best for me ?

This entirely depends on your specific application, that is

What is your treatment objective?

For example, is it to control Pseudomonas, Legionella, E Coli , water-borne virus, remove colour & taint from water?

There are 200+ companies in the UK alone who can provide proprietary CL02 dosing systems.

All have their merits & all have their weaknesses with regard to health & safety, chemical handling issues, reliability, on-going maintenance costs, cost of precursor chemicals & capital cost of purchase.

How Can Cost Control Environmental Help me choose the most suitable system for my application?

We have 25 years’ experience in the industrial water treatment marketplace; this includes the applications & design of treatment programmes where CL02 can greatly improve our client’s performance in water quality management in their operation.

If you believe that Chlorine Dioxide Water Treatment could enhance the management of water quality on site, then speak to us. We will evaluate your requirement on a site survey & discuss our findings face to face.

Once we have the application quantified, we can arrange for tenders from the best placed suppliers in your location & then discuss the quality of each bid based on technical merit, capital cost & on-going operational costs.

We would then recommend the bids in a ranking order for you to make the ultimate decision.

We can handle all or any part of this process & are always flexible in our approach to the delivery of a quality service that you can afford. Cost Control & client satisfaction is our objective at all times.

Please feel free to contact us anytime to discuss your potential requirements.