General Consultancy Services

Water Treatment is a broad & diverse industry; technological developments are continuous & by monitoring what improvements the suppliers have to offer, Cost Control Environmental stay 1 step ahead when it comes down to the best, impartial advice.

Our consultants have 3 decades of water treatment experience in all aspects of water treatment applications, including potable treatments, steam, heating, evaporative & closed cooling systems, process water, effluent & water hygiene (Legionella Control).

Over the past 30 years, the chemistry has not changed; water induces corrosion, scale & bacterial growth in water based systems. What has continually changed, is the application of chemical programs & associated new technologies.

By understanding your water treatment objective, we are in a position to help your operation achieve the treatment objective in the most sustainable, cost-effective manner
If any of the areas & terms below are of current interest, we can help today, call for an informal chat on your areas of concern;

  • Steam treatment – (Energy Reduction, Reverse Osmosis, Water softening, Chemical Programmes, Condensate Treatment, Acid Descale)
  • Cooling water treatment – (Legionella Control, Dosing & Control Equipment, Disinfection, Pack replacement, Tower Refurbishment, Chlorine Dioxide Foam Cleaning, Chemical Cleaning, Solid Chemical Dosing Systems)
  • Closed system treatment – (Chemicals, Dosing equipment, Flushing, Chemical Clean, Bacterial Control-Pseudomonas, SRB’s, Suspended Solids)
  • Problematic systems – (inefficient heat transfer, Blockages, Fouling)
  • Process waters – (Bacterial, Conductivity, Suspended Solids, contamination, Recycling)
  • Effluent waters – (COD, BOD, Contaminants, Discharge Consent, Effluent Charges)
  • Legionella Control – (Risk Assessment, Disinfection Works, Tank Replacement)
  • Chlorine Dioxide applications – (infinite range of applications for this emerging technology, particularly food & manufacturing industry, together with background potable water disinfection)
  • Private Water Supplies – (Bore Hole, Media Filtration, Iron/Manganese Removal, Disinfection & Filtration Strategies, Ultra Violet, Abstraction Licence)

Key Points:

We guarantee that we will understand your requirements & ensure that you get the best & most cost effective solution for your operation.