Capital Investment Evaluation & Project Management (CAPEX)

When you need to invest in water treatment capital equipment or plant, we are on hand to ensure that you get the best equipment for your application, in an unbiased & independent capacity. It may be that you have already decided on the type of equipment or plant that you need to invest in or possibly relying on suppliers to evaluate how best to satisfy your requirements.

Either way, Cost Control Environmental can help. We can verify your application requirements & then invite tenders from the best-positioned suppliers in the marketplace, including your incumbent supplier, then establish which supplier will supply, install & maintain the equipment in the most sustainable & cost effective manner.

We will provide you with our recommendations on selection of what we believe is the best option & ensure that you are fully aware of on­going costs, such as service & consumables, putting you firmly in control of your budgetary planning, hence avoiding unforeseen costs down the line that suppliers can minimise in the small print.

The areas we focus on include;

  • Why is there a need for investment?
  • Can existing equipment be effectively & economically refurbished to postpone CAPEX?
  • What is the treatment objective of the proposed new capital investment?
  • Have all alternative technologies been evaluated or possible cost effective chemical alternatives
  • Is the client aware of the on­going running & maintenance costs & have they been guaranteed &
    capped by your potential supplier?
  • Can the equipment specified achieve what you require for your application?
  • Is this guaranteed by the supplier?

Key Points:

  • We are experienced & professional water treatment applications chemists & engineers.
  • We guarantee that we will understand your requirements & ensure that you get the best &
    most cost effective solution for your operation.
  • We will identify the technical merits of all proposals submitted & make our detailed
    recommendations in a written report.
  • We will identify who exactly will be sent to site to maintain your new equipment by
    requesting CV’s from potential suppliers, ensuring that you have peace of mind that the
    engineer who attends site is fully experienced & trained in the maintenance of your
    equipment and all the associated health & safety aspects of works at your premises.